Violent Souls (In Production)                 Bandcat Productions / Dir. Adam Judd

Brownies (In Production)                       Marathon Cinema / Dir. Cary Patrick Martin

Dead Men Walking (In Production)      REV Productions / Dir. Max Alfred

Fractal                                                       NYFA / Dir. Luis Marciliano   

The Ballerina                                            Dir. Natalie Camou         

Her Eyes                                                    Dir. Natalie Camou

Suddenly, Without                                   Dir. Grace Cannon

Lost Connection                                       Dir. Natalie Camou



"...the maniacal Brady Richards handed us a tour-de-force the likes of which you’d hand to Shakespeare." for Stphen in Line

Really Really                 Johnson           Wrong House Theatre / Dir. Adam Martin

Cleopatra                     Ensemble         TFNC / Dir. Jenny Leon

The Sandman              Liam McDuff    ATA / Dir. Ken Coughlin

Absolutely                    Ben                    Women in Theatre Festival / Dir. Liam Lonegan

King David                    King David        Columbia Uni / Dir. Ayvaunn Penn

Line                                Stephen           13th St. Repertory / Dir. Jay Michaels

Peter Pan                      Lost Boy Curly Syracuse Stage / Dir. Paul Barnes

Beware of Dog             Billy                   The Brewing Dept / Dir. Thomas Kapusta
Double Penny              Tanner              Dixon Place / Dir. Tucker Worley
Spring Awakening        Melchior          SU Drama / Dir. Michael Barakiva
Twelfth Night                Sebastian         Dir. Sophie Burnham
Herons                           Billy                   Dir. Malcolm Ingram
Wolfskinder                   Bagha               MoveInk / Dir. Lauren Unbekant
Lord of the Flies            Jack                   Dir. Andrew Garrett
All Through The Night  Direktorin        Edinburgh Fringe / Dir. Joseph Whelan
Absolutely                      Ben                    Syracuse Fringe / Dir. Kathleen Baum

Dark of the Moon         John                   Dir. Rob Bundy

 "Brady Richards mesmerizes as the smug, very young braniac who has all the answers without even knowing the questions.  You admire and despise him at the same time, all the while puzzling over his desperate desire to be first without even knowing why it matters." for Stephen in Line

"...Our favorite was our waiter, Brady, who couldn't have been more charming and endearing." ~ FrannyGP on TripAdvisor

Brady Richards

"Richards is the show’s intellectual bad boy and struts and carries a sharp wit perhaps the equal of an adolescent Oscar Wilde or Voltaire. But Richards' pronounced voice and depiction of Melchior’s burning insecurities transforms a simple know-it-all into a rebellious everyman." for Melchior Gabor in Spring Awakening